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PostSubject: { PERSONAL PROFILE; Alastair }   Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:51 am

-- Basic Information --

Demon Name: Alastair
Human Body: Korso
Body’s Age: 38 years old
Eye Colour: White


Alastair is met by most demons with a combination of fear and respect. His position in Hell- Head Torturer- means that almost all of the souls that have passed through Hell have been on the other side of one of his blades, and have learnt the hard way that his cruelty has no bounds.
He is an extremely powerful demon. His eye colour indicates how both he and Lillith have a similar level of power, yet naturally she outranks him. However for almost all of the demons he expects to see a similar level of respect. If not he is more than willing to show them why they should. It is for this reason that any demon that happens to fall out with Lillith is sent his way. Of course he does not have the equipment that he once had in Hell, yet he has already started to make-shift his own weaponry, as well as aquire some of the holy water from the Font. The crypt has now become his base in that sense.
Unlike Lillith, he does not have 'pets'. He sees the demons in terms of their abilities and potential, but does not judge one more important than another. However this does not mean he doesn't enjoy the conflict that these personal favourites cause. He is always more than happy to take care of the losing sides when this occurs.

Before the attack:
Alastair was one of the early demons. The full details of his past are merely rumoured, but it is suggested that his sadistic nature as a demon was not that different as a human. His crimes, however vast, vary from story to story. However what remains certain is these were enough to make him worthy of his position, Head Torturer.
In Hell he would order demons that were torturing others, training them, as well as torturing new souls himself. Although he enjoys his job, it also restricted his freedom to Hell itself. Very rarely has he been able to escape. Futhermore he resents the fact that many of the powerful demons, of a similar rank or otherwise, look down to him as someone to get the job done, but show no real respect. Of course rarely this is shown, since most demons fear him. However he still feels that many doubt his real authority.
Alastair was able to join Lillith's mission because of his invaluable skills. However he lacks knowledge of the world around him. Much has changed since his last time to the surface. This does not phase him though. He still is comfortable when he is surrounded by his weapons, inflicting pain, something he was promised he would be able to do so often.




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