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 { Personal Profile; John }

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PostSubject: { Personal Profile; John }    Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:49 am

-- Basic Information --

Name: John Alan Smith
Age: 22 years old
Family: Mom (Dead)

Before the attack:
As a young man, at the age of 16 John loved his mother but his father was abusive to her. He would hit her and slam her against anything he could find. He ran up to his mom and begged her to take him and his younger brother away but she refused. One night he could hear his dad come home and remembers hearing his muddy boots bang across the floor. John was afraid knowing his mom was upstairs in bed asleep. He hid while his dad went upstairs and remembers the smell of alcohol, so strong it burned his throat. It was silent before he heard his dad scream and saw him against the wall next to the door. A bright flame came out of the bed room and destroyed his father. The flame came towards John, but he ran into his brother's room and snatched him up. He held him close to his chest to shield him from the fire. John ran out the door as fast as he could, and sat his brother down on the ground. He turned around to save his mother, but it was to late. A neighbor hood kid found John and Cody by looking through his window. He told his mother and they ran out of the house and pulled John and Cody to safety. They took him and his brother away to my closest relative. When John returned later, his home was destroyed by the fire. He could never save his mother. Cody will never know their mother. John thinks maybe he was meant to be like his father. An abuser? Or maybe he was destined for something more. To take care of his brother forever, and be a mentor to him. He was forced to live with his aunt Tremaine; a mean old woman who did not want him or his brother to live with her. But he had no choice. He told her what happened about the fire... She glared at him and told him he had been through a terrible ordeal and that John was making what happened up about the flames chasing them. She forced him to go to church every morning. Teaching him the good of the world. When Cody was old enough he learned at a young age about the church. John attend church often to pray for his mother. Hoping she is in a better place. Teaching Cody all about her.


After the Attack
John often came to the cathedral with his younger brother Cody. One day the cathedral burst into flames. And then they attacked! From all around these people laughing as they grabbed many love ones and killed them in front of the people in the church. The attacks began so quickly John lost Cody in the confusion. He was so scared anything could have happened to him, when he finally found him alive and well, John swore to protect him with his last breath.
John did his very best to protect Cody from all evil. They hid for days in the darkness, but John fell asleep for one second. When he awoke Cody was gone, and John could hear screaming in the cathedral. He heard Cody and ran as fast as he could, but he got there too late. When John finally got to Cody all he could see was Kaiani walking away from the scene, and Cody gasping his last breath of air before he did. John swears he will kill them!!



Kaiani (Helga)

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{ Personal Profile; John }
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