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 { Personal Profile; Eric }

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PostSubject: { Personal Profile; Eric }   Mon Jun 04, 2012 10:21 am

-- Basic Information --

Name: Eric
Age: 26 years old
Family: Father, mother, younger sister


Eric grew up in a highly religious household, with his parents and his younger sister, Odette. When he got older, he started questioning the strict way his parents followed their religion, and slowly he separeted from them. He stopped going into the church, but he still believed into the morals his parents taught him, and he believed in God, although he didn't believed into religions anymore.

Eric was a good and clever young man, and he had a brilliant future foward. He was the first student at school and dated the perfect girl. Eric was great at show jumping, and that helped him to get into a great College. Beside not following their religion anymore, his parents were proud of him.
He had a little sister, and her name was Odette. He adored her, and was worried about her welfare, turning him into a very protective older brother. He didn't accepted any boy to stand around her, only the ones he trusted. He wanted his sister to be happy, and have a blissful marriage. So he was always trying to find the right guy to be his brother in law. He always had time for Odette, and wished nothing but the best for her. They were very united, and everytime he was angry or sad, he asked her to sing to him, since Odette's voice had an angel's tone, and it brought him calm.

He also had two best friends, Proteus and Sinbad.
But when Sinbad started causing problems, mostly about his drinking issue, Eric broke his relationship with him. Once he suspected about Sinbad feelings for his sister he stopped meeting the guy, and forbided Odette to do the same.
One night, he was reading at the living room and saw Odette sneaking from home. He followed her, worried about what she was doing... On his way, he missed her for a while, and found her being attacked by a drunk man. He pushed the man away, and brought Odette back home. He took care for her for almost the whole time, only leaving her side to go to school.
One day when she was better, she told him she went out to follow Sinbad. Eric felt his blood running to his head, but he didn't show it to not worry her. When it was night, he looked for Sinbad, finding him in a pub. Eric warned him to never get closer to Odette, or his family. Sinbad didn't take it well, and they started fighting. They were both exalted, and as Sinbad was too drunk, he didn't measure his strengh and threw Eric har against the wall. Eric hit his head hardly, and the last thing he remebered was feeling his brain parted into two, and all his body getting cold as his glance getting darker.

About his personality...
He's a nice guy and doesn't like injustices, since he was raised into Christianity morals. But he thinks about himself and Odette first before thinking about the others. He's kinda quiet just like Odette, but when it's needed, he can be a fight person, and he'll do everything to keep his sister safe. If a guy approaches Odette, he wouldn't be so friendly, and he wont take easy on them.

Before the attack:
Well, he was dead. XP


Proteus - He was friend with him since childhood, and kept contact until his death.

Sinbad - Because of him he got killed, and he doesn't like Sinbad's feeling about his sister.

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{ Personal Profile; Eric }
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