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PostSubject: { PERSONAL PROFILE; Adirel }   Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:02 am

-- Basic Information --

Demon Name: Adirel
Human Body: Jasmine
Body’s Age: 21 years old
Eye Colour: Black


Adirel is a vicious and old demon, She spent a legnthy period being tortured in Hell, before promptly taking to torturing others. She quickly proved herself useful, but seeked to escape the Pit which she managed to frequently. In her periods on the surface she has caused havoc, often getting her sent back to Hell by humans or other demons. She is known for randomly striking homes and slaughtering entire families, often in cruel and twisted ways. Many humans still don't recongise the pattern in her killings, which have spread out across history in all times she has come back to the surface.

Adirel is very calm sometimes, and usually very high strong, and independent. She is also a bitch when she needs to be. Though she seems always grumpy, and always bitchy. But, that is how she is, and she isn't going to change. Though she does listen to orders. She absolutely despises humans, and finds it incredibly annoying when the human males try to hit on her when she is possessing a body. Adirel rather a demon then a human anytime.

Before the attack:
When Adirel was a young, she was happy. She had a good life growing up, her family was pretty rich. They weren't incredibly rich, but enough to afford good stuff. She had a younger sister named Nyx, both were red heads, and had an amazing friendship. They always stood for each other, though usually Adirel was the one protecting her sister the most. Adirel was more stronger then Nyx, while Nyx was the complete opposite of her. Innocent, gentle, shy..all the things Adirel weren't.

Though when they started to grow up, Adirel started to notice that Nyx was being the favorite child, and was usually payed attention to most. But it didn't bother Adirel, I mean she was younger then her, and her parents were probably just keeping a close eye on her. But it really started to kick in when their parents had yelled at Adirel for being too reckless one day, and asked her why she couldn't be like Nyx. That set Adirel off and she yelled at her parents, telling them how dare they ask her, and how dare they pick a favorite daughter. She stormed into her room and cooled down, she didn't talk to her parents or to Nyx after that.

And when Adirel turned older, her and her sister had stitched their friendship up, and Adirel had a boyfriend now. Though one night she didn't know where her boyfriend was, making her highly suspicious..He was being very late a lot lately. And that didn't click well with her, and made her walk out of his house to find out what was going on.

When Adirel reached his house, she looked through the window, stopping when she saw little Nyx and her boyfriend kissing. This was the last straw for Adirel, how dare he cheat on her, with her sister! Adirel stormed into the house, starling both Nyx and Adirel's boyfriend. She looked at him, and walked to the knife that was hidden in a plant..Her boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend had shown her that knife. She took it out and ran after her ex-boyfriend and stabbed him mutiplie times, making sure he was dead.

And when he was confirmed dead, she advanced on Nyx, grabbing her by the hair and cutting her all over her body. She then threw her little sister to the ground, and tortured her more before she stabbed her in the heart and neck.

Though her ex-boyfriend's parents had heard the commotion, making them run downstairs. And Adirel took no time and killed them aswell. And after they were dead, she left them there, keeping the knife and walked back home. And her parents were right there when they saw the blood. They asked her what happened, and she told them. They threatened to tell others, and next thing they knew..Adirel attacked them, and killed them.

It took a good while before anyone could realize she was responcible, but when they did Adirel just laughed, saying that they deserved it, and all of the other people she killed for cheating. She was sentenced to death, and killed on October 1st..

Adirel is very amused that she is able to help with the catherdal mission. And she knows they will win, especially with her skills of killing.


Any demon.


Any Human

Thomas and Aurora


Adirel(Anya) and Nyx(Ariel)
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