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PostSubject: { PERSONAL PROFILE; Lillith }   Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:55 am

-- Basic Information --

Demon Name: Lillith
Human Body: Megara
Body’s Age: 20 years old
Eye Colour: White


In the body of the human Megara, Lillith is by far the most powerful demon here. She is said to be the first demon. The story goes that God created Adam and then, created Lillith, his first wife. When Adam told her to submit to him she refused. She saw herself as equal to man. She defied the purpose for which God created her and Lucifer choose her to be his own. The first.

From this, over the centuries Lillith's hate for me has grown. Her hate fro God, for creating her be be a slave, has grown and her love for Lucifer has also grown. In her eyes he freed her, gave her a new life and power. She is devoted to him and truly loves only him. The only man, being or beat that she will ever love. For love is a weakness. And Lillith is not weak.

Her loyalty to Lucifer, her creator, has placed her apart from other demons. Some loathe her for it, some do not respect or for her blind devotion others, smart ones fear her for being so close to Lucifer and with that closeness brings ungodly power matched by no other.

She is cruel, malicious, the stuff of nightmare, she knows no bounds, is the definition of ruthless and those or disobey her suffer in ways more horrible than can be imagined.

She takes every chance she gets to put the other demons in their place now, more than ever, desperate to [rove that she is the first and she is the most powerful. She delludes herself at times thinking she is the closest thing to Queen of Hell that there could be an, as a reslt, feels she should be treated as royalty.

She is known to use her past as a means of empowering herself over others or striking fear into weaker demons. Lillith needs to show those that followed her from the pit how strong she is and, she will stop at nothing to do that.

In one of her fatal attempts to rise Lucifier from Hell, she was defeated by a saint, and the consequence for this failure was her being imprisoned in the pit for many years. But almost the worst of all, her reputation was ruined.

That’s also one reason why she chose this cathedral- because the saint is now buried in it’s grounds.

Because she has been a demon for so long, she can’t even remember her life as a normal human being. So to be almost without powers makes her feel naked. She loves the taste of childrens’ blood. Her preferred form is that of a child. She is sexually active, and despite her hate of men she has been known to take more than one to bed, so they submit to her. If they live to tell the tale though they should count themselves lucky, Lillith's only man is Lucifer and in truth her loathing of men reinforces her sexual preference for the female form.

Before the attack:

Before the first attack, Lillith was just as she used to be. She punished them who deserved it, and even some others just because it was fun. Possessing young girls to torture their families, and the pleasure to feel young skin under her hands made her feel "alive".
That and to boss the other demons around was the only fun she could have these days. The memories of her failure and that Lucifier wasn't happy with her - was tough. Everyday that went past, she just became angrier. So as a revange, Lillith decided to break out of Hell with a demon army to attack the cathedral.


Rin/ Lillith's little errand boy. When she doesn't want to get her hands dirty- she calls Rin. He is her "favorite", because he does everything she asks for without questioning. And as long Rin proves that he's useful to her - she will not cause any problems with him

Cali/ Even though Lillith looks down at the demons with lower rank than hers- she likes Cali a bit more than the others. She still bosses her around, but takes care of her if something happends. And if there aren't any young boys around - Cali is the one that Lillith spends some special time with.

ENEMIES: These are people Lillith keeps close despite knowing they hate her

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