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PostSubject: { PERSONAL PROFILE; Tammi }    Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:14 pm

-- Basic Information --

Demon Name: Tammi
Human Body: Marina
Body’s Age: 22 years old
Eye Colour: Black


Tammi is a rank 1, black-eyed demon. An extremely devout believer of Lucifier, Tammi sees this as her mission to prove herself to him. She believes humanity caused the fall of Lucifer, and therefore are ideal to take out his revenge on. She is very intelligent, but prefers to follow the crowd rather than stand out.

Tammi is known to pull violent pranks on humans but in her fear of retribution from Lilith refuses to try any pranks on fellow demons.

Before The Attack:

In human life, Tammi wasn't a very upstanding woman. She followed pirates and pretended to be a man to join their ranks. In doing so she quickly realized that in her new world it was either kill or be killed. This newfound life sent her on a downward spiral of lust and sin, commiting her to Hell.

Tammi was rather stubborn in the beginning and it took her some time in The Pit to finally succumb and be willing to torture others for her little bit of freedom. Although she is willing to torture others she waits for the higher up demons to tell her who to hurt unless it's just one of her pranks.

Tammi's pranks are never fatal but can lead to serious injury. Her pranks didn't start until after she gained the advantage of going back to Earth so she's fairly new to it and can accidently leave a booby trap or two lieing around.




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