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PostSubject: { PERSONAL PROFILE; Sinbad }    Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:42 am

-- Basic Information --

Name: Sinbad
Age: 24 years old
Family: Mother, father, younger sister
(his parents are divorced and for many years his sister has lived with their father while Sinbad lived with their mother)

Sinbad used to be a somewhat troublesome kid. He was often carefree and never thought about consequences, an ability that increases significantly when he drinks. He wasn't very academic and he had a very hard time concentrating during school. That often let to a lot of troubles with the teachers, and the main reason he got through school was because he had friends who looked out for him and helped him. Sinbad wasn't a bad person even though he could be a bit rough on the edges sometimes. When he wanted to, he could behave properly. He was quite easygoing and friendly and would do pretty much anything for his friends.

When Sinbad is affected by alchohol he usually has no boundries. He will flirt with whoever is near in a most straight forward and uncharming way. He'd often get into fights and didn't have a very good reputaiton in the town.
His sober personality is a lot more recessed and humble, especially after his drinking problem started because he is always full of regrets when he's sober. Furthermore he is suffering from various abstinences when he can no longer get a hold of any alcohol.

Before the attack:

Before the attack Sinbad had a heavy drinking problem. Sinbad's drinking problem started a little over 2 years ago. Before that he was hospitalized for about one and a half month because of an accident he had been in.
After he got out from the hospital, Sinbad would often get drunk and seemingly do anything with anyone. He never thought about the consequenses, but always regretted his actions afterwards. Even so he couldn't seem to get rid of his problem and stop the drinking.
Sinbad doesn't come from a very religious family, but he started going to church more often to beg for forgiveness and mercy on his soul. He's not really sure if he truly believes in God, but even so he found it comforting to pray.


Proteus - Sinbad's friend, they've been friends since childhood. Despite their differences Sinbad sees Proteus as the brother he never had.
Odette - Sinbad's childhood friend whom he grew a huge crush on over time. Even though his feelings haven't changed and he'd still do everything for her, Sinbad thinks that Odette hates him and would never speak to him again.


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