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PostSubject: { PERSONAL PROFILE; Miriam }   Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:09 am

-- Basic Information --

Name: Miriam Foster
Age: 19 years old
Family: Mother (dead)
& baby brother (dead)

Though fragile in body and mind, Miriam will never let on her weaknesses and always strives to become a stronger person.
During the first attack she was tragically separated from her family - her mother and her baby brother - and was never to see either of them again. After such an amount of time she has given up hope in finding them alive, and rightfully thinks they were both killed in the first attack, or by the hands of a demon.
Accepting this grave truth, Miriam shut herself off from the rest of the humans, not having much contact with any of them.
Though a weak soul, often crying in the middle of the night, she will never let anyone see her cry.
Terrified of being spotted and killed by a demon, Miriam tends to find herself hiding most of the time, never stepping on open ground (easily seen by others) unless absolutely necessary.

Before the attack:
Miriam was always very close to her family, and would constantly help out at home. She did not belong to a richer family, and was often starving herself, to leave more food for her family. Though these circumstances were rough on Miriam, it would teach her how to deal with stressful situations like the one she finds herself in now.
Always striving to be strong for her family, she would never let on how much pain and suffering she actually went through, and would always plaster a smile on her face no matter how difficult. With time, her fake smile became near impossible to see through.


Proteus/ As an ally Proteus have proved himself incapable of the smallest task, but spending time with him Miriam have grown to like him. He has always been there to help her, even if she never asked for it, and though she will never admit she is majorly greatful for his kindness and the safety she feels with him around. Only then can she finally relax.

Cali/ Miriam resents herself for not being able to send Cali back to hell. She messed up and was not quick enough before other demons interrupted, and for that Miriam feels like she messed up when she had the chance. If she ever gets another chance to trap Cali, she will not let it slip through her hands again.

Sinbad/ Miriam only ever spoke to Sinbad once, yet she has seemed to form the opinion that he is not as bad as everyone say he is. Furthermore she feels a lot safer and more comfortable around him, as if she feels like she is not all that alone anymore.
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