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 { PERSONAL PROFILE; Esmeralda }

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PostSubject: { PERSONAL PROFILE; Esmeralda }   Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:43 pm

-- Basic Information --

Name: Esmeralda De' Noter Dame
Age: 20 years old
Family: Not avalible

Esmeralda is a strong fighter. After the death of her father, and the jailment of her mother, she came accrost more information on The Demon that possessed her mother. Rather it is fictional or fact, she cannot continue to still blame herself for letting it all happen, she is at a crossroads with the matters at hand, she will never understand why it happened the way it did. All she knows is that she must fight till her last breath. All she knows is that she cannot fall too the hands of a demon, like her mother. Esme knows that she must stay alive.

Before the attack:

Esmeralda grew up in a house next to the cathedral, and even when she was not in church, she would look at the cathedral through the window in her room. Esmeralda as a kid had a close encounter with a demon as she witnessed her mother get possessed. Her mother murdered her father before the demon escaped and her mother went to jail for the murder. Though Esmeralda witnessed these horrible events she cannot make herself blame her mother, as she knew very well she was not herself. The demons entering the cathedral have provoked bad memories of her childhood. She hates these beings with everything she is and will fight them until her last breath.



Demon? (No Name currently avalible)

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