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 Demon Eyes/ Befriending a Human

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PostSubject: Demon Eyes/ Befriending a Human   Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:31 pm

Hi ^^ I know everyone is having fun, and dw, this is in no way breaking the rules, so you're all safe xD
But I was wondering... everyone who has already done this, dw, I wouldn't want to ruin your plots, but can I ask, for future reference, all demons to stop changing their eyes to befriend humans? ^^'' We already wrote that would happen very rarely and only to trick humans, but it's already been done by 3 different demons on several occasions, and it usually just involve chatting ^^''
As I said, it's not breaking any rules, and I do realize you want to RP with your friends even if they are of a different species, but there are other ways to RP, whilst still knowing they're a demon. That would, tbh, be the most likely way to RP xD Yeah, maybe they wouldn't be as friendly, but hell, isn't it more fun when they try to kill each other? xDDD
Aaaanywayz, it's upto you guys, I am only asking here ^^'' Don't think I'm mad at any of you, I'M NOT! In all honesty I feel kind of wrong for asking this myself. I probably shouldn't, since, y'know, you're free to RP however you want. Ok? ^^
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Demon Eyes/ Befriending a Human
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