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 Starting the Roleplay

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PostSubject: Starting the Roleplay   Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:55 am


Personal Profiles - So you are all new to this roleplay, and we wanted to give you some pointers before you start your first post.
Before starting to roleplay, I want to ask you to create a Personal Profile. You will be able to make one by going to the "Out of Character" category, scrolling down on the page. You can copy the format made by either Rin or Miriam (if you are a demon, copy Rin, if human, copy Miriam). Everyone is required to have a personal profile!

Avatars - We will hand out your avatars for you, nothing is required of you here. All the avatars are premade, and will be put up for you as soon as you join the forum. The avatars will show two symbols, one in the upper, left corner and one in the lower, right corner. These symbolize species and rank.

Rank - The ranks are far more important to demons than humans. If you are to disobey someone of a higher rank, you risk getting yourself killed. Humans however, do not care much for ranks, and in this case the ranks symbolize influence more than raw power. You will notice that some have one single triangular shape. This symbolize rank 1. Rank 1 is the lowest rank, and these have no significant power at all. They are not important. Multiple triangular shapes over eachother symbolize higher ranks, and the more you have, the more powerful you are. Remember, for demons, these ranks are important!

Species - The other symbol, in the lower right corner, shows your species. The humans have gotten a white sword, pointing downwards. This is the symbol of the archangel Michael's sword, and shows justice and goodness, or in other words, humans.
Demons have gotten an inverted, black sword pointing upwards to contradict the Michael's sword, showing evil.


Location -
Upon starting, you can be place a few places. If you are a demon, you will have multiple choices of places to start from, if you are human, you will need to start in the Rectory, together with all other humans. The RP starts a few days after the demon attack, which means many have already died. The last few survivors on the human side have retreated to the rectory.

Humans - If you are a human, you are starting in the Rectory. Humans will mostly (unless told otherwise!) not have any knowledge of demons or anything supernatural. These will be normal humans like you and me. However, after the attack Frollo, who is the only living priest left in the cathedral, collected the survivors into a group and taught you everything you need to know about demons, demon lore and how to kill/ excorcise a demon. The roleplay is starting right after Frollo has finished giving his speech! This will mean that you have only just learnt about the demons. You will know all the facts about them that you need to survive in a battle against them.

Demons - If you are a demon, you are lucky enough to start anywhere you want. The most common place to start would be in either the crypt or in the entrance wing, at one of your bases. However, if you are a demon you should be able to travel anywhere you want fearlessly, so it is up to you where you would want to have your startpoint.
You are however NOT allowed to start in the rectory, the human base!
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Starting the Roleplay
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