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 Welcome & Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Welcome & Basic Rules   Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:06 am

Firstly I would like to say welcome to Sinners & Saints!
If you are new to RP-ing on a forum then feel free to ask any questions. Hopefully the layout should be simple enough though ^^
These rules are just to avoid any complications/ confusion when RP-ing. Theres alot of information to take in, I understand, but hopefully there is more than enough on here to help guide you through any confusion. If you still have questions theres is a Q&A section below.


Basic Rules //
1] Don't make your character suddenly jump from one place to another. Keep in mind the layout of the Cathedral (look at the map if you are unsure) and the furniture when describing how your character moves around. Please then RP this by ending a post in one room and starting a new topic in an adjacent one.
2] Don't have your character in 2 places at once. If you RP a character leaving an area/ conversation then please don't continue and contradict yourself for the sake of avoiding confusion.
3] Although this RP is a battle between the two sides- human and demon- please refrain from your character killing anyone unless instructed to do so. People will die in this RP on the basis of inactivity, choice, or even down to 'chance' in certain events, but these will be decided beforehand to prevent random and hectic deaths happening all the time. If a member of either side is to meet you can fight, flee or even kidnap a member from the other side, but please refrain from any fatal violence just yet!
4] Demons should check the Demon Lore to understand what powers they are able to use. Please keep in mind your ranking, and that you are inside a Cathedral and therefore weakened. I don't want people to start inventing powers for themselves randomly, as the RP would just then get complicated and out of control.
5] Same goes for Hunting. Keep in mind how much weaponry everyone has and who has what weapon to prevent more guns/ knives appearing mid-way.
6] In the Gallery can people not post anything aside from their art/ videos. If we have other posts commenting on them then the topic will start to get messy. You can discuss with people in the 'Discussing the RP' topics.
7] Don't start RPing until we say so. Before then you can fill in your Personal Profile, but we all want to start at the same time.
8] Please be kind to all members RP-ing. At the end of the day even if we are RP-ing as enemies this is just for fun, so it would be nice to avoid any drama Smile
9] Finally... I hope you have fun!
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Welcome & Basic Rules
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