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 Breathe, God is with Me.

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PostSubject: Breathe, God is with Me.   Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:25 pm

The moment he left the sitting room, Thomas knew that this could be it for him.
No way was he returning without his mother.
As he reached for the door that led to the Sanctuary, he caught sight of a familiar symbol drawn in blood on the floor.
A devil's trap.
Good thinking, he thought as he took a deep breath, opened the door and stepped into the Sanctuary.

Thomas exhaled hard as he stared out to his right at the blurry wreckage that was probably the Nave once.
I don't see how anyone who wasn't already in the rectory could've survived in that...
Not that I had any expectations of mum being alive.

He frowned and walked past the organ and the crumbled choir seats to the altar.
He stared at the cross for a short time before proceeding to kneel and pray:
O'Lord, my Father.
Be my shepard.
Guide me to find what is needed to be found.
Help me protect thyself and that which is dear to me.
He stood, let out a deep breath, and trekked over the rubble scanning dead bodies after bodies for his mum.
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Breathe, God is with Me.
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