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 Human/ Demon Camps

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PostSubject: Human/ Demon Camps   Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:56 am

This shows you where the two sides have set up base at the start of this rp. I will edit this as time moves on in the rp if something happens that forces one of the sides to move base, or if individual characters split off from the main 'groups.' However I won't plot where each person is.. that will be up to you to watch ^^
When the demons first arrived they would have done so from the main door at the Entrance Wing. The humans that made up the congregation who were not killed when the ceiling caved in would have retreated backwards towards the Rectory. Therefore the demons dominate most of the Cathedral, in particular the front, whilst the humans occupy the Rectory mostly and the Sanctuary. The collapsed ceiling makes it difficult to move from one wing to another, and the central Nave is mostly unoccupied. The Demons mostly stay in the Entrance Wing, furthest away from the humans, as well as to guard the holy water in the Font and the Crypt, which is used as a make-shift dungeon/ torture room.

Entrance Wing: DEMON
Right Wing: -
Left Wing: -
Nave: -
Sanctuary: -
Spire: -
Crypt: DEMON
Rectory: HUMAN

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Human/ Demon Camps
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