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PostSubject: { PERSONAL PROFILE; Odette }   Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:53 pm

-- Basic Information --

Name: Odette
Age: 22 years old
Family: Father, mother, older brother (dead)


Odette grew up in a highly religious household with her parents and older brother. Her parents were strict about following the ways of the Lord and Odette never questioned anything she was told, unlike her brother who, as he got older, decided to try and separate himself from their parents strict, Christian upbringing but still believed in the morals it taught him.
Her brother was always the closest person to her, she could talk to him about anything and he'd always listen, he was overprotective of her and never really approved of any of her friends or crushes as he was afraid of her getting hurt. When he died, Odette started to isolate herself from the people closest to her for reasons she never really shared with anyone. To her it seemed as if her parents saw nothing wrong with his death, they were happy knowing he was still alive, in a better place in heaven which meant that she was never allowed to grieve properly for him, this was only made worse by the guilt she felt over his death.
Her mother taught her to be a proper lady in hopes of her marrying a young man and starting a happy family of her own one day. Plenty of men have taken an interest in her, but she has never been serious about any of them, especially when it seems like they are only interested in her looks.
Odette had trouble with a few subjects at school, mostly maths and science, she was better suited to more creative subjects, her favourite being music. She loved to sing and was very talented at it. Despite her usual shy demeanour, she would feel free when she sang and that's a feeling she didn't want to give up easily. So she was thrilled when she was asked to join the church choir and knowing her parents were proud of her for that made the feeling even better.
Due to her upbringing, Odette has always been seen as a good girl, going out of her way to help those in need and never asking for anything in return. She may have selfish thoughts once in a while but always manages to push them to the back of her mind, never telling anyone (except maybe her older brother) about them. She tries to see the good in everyone, but as she grew older and certain events happened she found it harder to see those good things. She is usually a quiet person, having learnt to speak when spoken to by her parents especially when talking to strangers, but she's not afraid to voice her opinion if she feels it's important for herself to be heard.

Before the attack:
Odette had always been a frequent visitor of the church, but ever since her brother died she had started to visit every day for as long as she could to feel closer to him in her own way, and to stay away from home where her parents acted as if nothing was wrong. The circumstances surrounding his death and the constant reminder of him at home caused her to start to lose her faith in herself and in God, which was only made worse by the fact that she could never talk to anyone about her guilt, except in her prayers, although they didn't seem to give her much solace nowadays.
On the day of the attack, about a year after her brothers death, the guilt had become too much for her and she felt the only option she had was to run away from everything that made her feel that way. Before she planned to run away she went to the church to pray, but she was soon interrupted. She stayed longer than she intended to to watch an old friend pray and as she watched him the roof started to cave in.
Now that she is trapped, Odette is trying her best to once again find the faith that was so strong within her when she was growing up, as a way to help deal with her current situation.


Sinbad - He has been Odette's friend since childhood and over time she started to care for him a lot, more than any other man she has known, although she still doesn't truly know how deeply she cares for him. But due to his drinking problem and other unfortunate events her feelings for him have changed dramatically. She hasn't spoken to him properly for about a year and hates him for the things he's done. She does occasionally have moments where she remembers how she felt about him growing up but would never admit it, especially not to herself.

Proteus - He has been Odette's friend since childhood. He had a crush on her as a child, but even though she turned him down they have still remained friends over the years. They've seen a lot less of each other over the past 2 years due to Proteus standing by Sinbad and his alcohol problem whereas she wanted little to do with him and so she avoids both men when they are together. They're still friendly towards each other when they're alone and never fail to celebrate special occasions together, even if it is only with a phone call.


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