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 { Personal Profile: Calcifer }

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PostSubject: { Personal Profile: Calcifer }   Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:46 pm

-- Basic Information --

Demon Name: Calcifer
Human Body: Cale
Body's Age: 24
Eye Color: Red


Calcifer is a crossroads demon with the power to grant ’deals’- he will give someone what they want but at a cost: their soul after a certain amount of time. As a crossroads demon he roamed the land waiting to be summoned, in which he would be offered a proposition by a gullible human. In doing so the persons soul would be collected. Souls were his trade- until he was summoned to Hell due to a mishap in which he tricked a fellow demon. Despising his time there he would do anything to escape, and he found his way when he heard of Lillith’s plot. Although he hates many of the other demons as much as he does humans, he successfully used them for his own means. Now he manipulates both the humans and demons to get his own desires.
Calcifer can be considered a weak demon as he is often too scared to take action in mostly anything. His forté is to make deals and wait for the human to die, he has nothing to gain by killing them early, and so he thinks this to be a waste of time. Though he does not mind shedding blood, he finds it rather boring, and preffers to play with their heads as this is a much more amusing way of torture.
He can also be considered weak as he does not tolerate pain anywhere near as well as his fellow demons, and his biggest fear is that of being tortured, or being sent back to Hell. He will do anything to escape Alastair's claws, and to keep himself out of harm's way, he usually stays in the shadows, not being part of much. He stays to himself.

Before the attack
In his human life Calcifer was already fairly weak and scared of pain, and as a conman in the early 17th century he was used to fleeing. At one point he was to blame for the death of a man where he was forced to do so to save his own life. By killing the man in cold blood, Calcifer earned his spot in Hell, though it was not long after that he, himself, was murdered at the age of 38 by a man he had scammed. Though he does not regret the actions of his past life, he resents his time in Hell, never wanting to return.


Alastair; As Calcifer is greatly scared of being under the knife, Alastair is not amongst the demons he holds on his good side. Though he does not like any of the demons, Alastair has earned his spot as the most disliked one. Calcifer will shudder only at his name.
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{ Personal Profile: Calcifer }
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