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PostSubject: { PERSONAL PROFILE; Proteus }   Tue Mar 13, 2012 1:35 am

-- Basic Information --
Name: Proteus Dimas
Age: 24 years old
Family: father (alive) mother (death)

Proteus is the only son of a very rich and christian family: his mother died when he was only a child because of a cancer and he had been grown up only by his father, and of course the domestics. He comes from an italian family, his grandfather was italian, and so he knows a lot about italian's culture, but his surname, as well as his family, has distant origins in Greek.
He's a quiet, gentle guy: even if he has been spoiled for his whole life and he has always lived in luxury, he has also been thought to be a good person and a good christian, and because of it he has always been honest, generous and polite.
He studied in prestigious schools, and he has always been a model student: he didn't like too much scientific subjects, even if he studied them with interest, but his main interests were literature and arts. Then, when he finished with the school, he attempted the university and got fastly a degree in law. After it, he started to work with his father in the family business becoming a shipowner as him: he doesn't like a lot his job, but he does it with commitment.
He loves history, once he had dreamed to become a history's teacher, but it was impossible because of the family business. He's also a poet, but this is more or less a secret since he never talk to anyone about his poetries, and loves all the forms of art and often he dabbles with painting, drawing or music. He's also a sportive: he has always practiced a lot of sports, but he got the best results in fencing and riding. He loves a lot nature and he's a vegetarian. He has actually a lot of interests and hobbies, but, thanks to his economic positions, he's lucky enough to have time for all of them.
He's a really positive guy, honest and loyal, that really believes in his values: he's usually nice and gentle to everyone, but he's also strong when it's necessary. He's usually introverted and doesn't talk a lot about himself, but he's not even too shy when it comes to social relationship, on the contrary: even without exposing himself too much, he's usually a really friendly man.

Before the attack:
Proteus had always frequented a lot the church, and in particular he had always loved to go in the cathedral: he had always found the atmosphere there really enchanting, and that impressione grew even more since he had noticed Cinderella, Frollo's niece. In the last few months he had started to come there more and more often, developing a bad crush on her, but he had always been too shy to start to have a conversation with her. The day of the attach he had finally decided to talk to her, but his plans were destroyed by what happened.
Now that they're trapped all there together, he knows that he has to wait to can confess his love cause now there are more important things to do: he has never been in a real fight before that moment, but after Frollo's speech, he's ready to give all the help that he can. And, who knows, maybe in that way Cinderella can even notice him...


Sinbad: he's his best friend, they have been friends since they were two child. They have always been really different, and Proteus had always been against the bad habits of his friends, but he never abandoned him and always stayed by his side. Even with all their differences, he thinks at him like a brother, and he's also the only one that knows about his crush on Cinderella.
Odette: they have been friends since they were child, at the beginning, when he was 7, he even had a crush on her: he gave her a flower and tried to kiss her but she refused to kiss him and he ran away. But after it, they started to be friends and remained friends for many years. In the last period they haven't seen each others a lot, because Proteus have decided to stay by Sinbad's side even if he has started the alcohol issues, but he's still happy to meet her every time that it happens and never miss to call her for Christmas and for her birthday.


Cinderella: she's the girl that he has fallen for, she doesn't even know him, and he know only a little about her, but he has already a bad crush on her.
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