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 { Personal Profile: Aurora }

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PostSubject: { Personal Profile: Aurora }   Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:10 am

-- Basic Information --

Name: Aurora
Age: 20 years old
Family: One sister (Helga, posessed)

Aurora is normally a sweet innocent girl who smiles most of the time.
She has a crush on Frollo and tries to be in near him most of the time. But she is sure that it is never going to work out. Because of their religion.
She prays to God that her sister will be fine.
But her prayers weren't heard when the demons attacked. She thinks that God will help them after all.
The demons must be stopped.
Before she never really dared to speak her mind, But she takes the shot now.
She will gladly try to encourage the others to fight against the demons.

Before the attack:

Aurora was an innocent girl. She had a normal life, Living with her older sister Helga. She often volunteered at the cathedral.
She has had a crush on Frollo for sometime, But she never talked about it. And prefers to keep it for herself.

She's friendly to everyone, but has no really close, personal friends.

Demon(s) Especially the demon who took hold of her sister.

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{ Personal Profile: Aurora }
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