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 { PERSONAL PROFILE; Cinderella }

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PostSubject: { PERSONAL PROFILE; Cinderella }   Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:43 pm

-- Basic Information --

Name: Cinderella (Cindy or Ella)
Age: 20 years old
Family: Mother (dead)
Father (dead)
Uncle (Frollo: alive)


Cindy was one of the most faithful members of the church. She was sworn to carry out any tasks or duties the church had placed in front of her. When she was just a small child, her parents passed away and her Uncle, Frollo, became her legal guardian. He was a strong yet shy man who was the only family she ever had. She looked up to him and loved him more than anything. She usually spent her days locked up in the Cathedral, studying the word of God or trying to find ways to help the people of the town.

Cinderella, who was often called Cindy or Ella since she dreaded her real name, was a small fragile girl who had a strong heart. She didn't like to talk to people that often since most of the time the only person she talked to was her God. She was always self-conscious about herself and hated talking to strange people. She really wasn't sure of her sexuality and never really gave it much thought.

Before the attack:
It was a quiet week before the attack, the normal chores and necessities being carried on by the towns-people. Cindy had never heard of demons before. Her uncle never mentioned them to her. But it was for the best. She would've had nightmares her whole life. But the nightmares soon came true. Cindy was going to have to be brave and help protect the church and it's people.



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{ PERSONAL PROFILE; Cinderella }
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