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 Famous Hunters

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PostSubject: Famous Hunters   Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:29 am

Samuel Colt
Samuel Colt is famous for being the first man to successfully create the first gun who could fire multiple bullets without re-charging; The Colt. What many people do not know is that Samuel Colt was in fact, also a hunter. He would hunt any supernatural being, and it is said he made a special Colt with a special set of bullets that were able to kill anything, even demons.
During his lifetime, Colt made multiple of these bullets, but never revealed the secret behind making them.
When Samuel Colt died in 1862 the gun and its bullets were never found. Some say it never really existed and it was only a myth, but whether you believe it or not, this gun is widely known amongst hunters as "the Colt."

Daniel Elkins
Daniel Elkins was a famous vampire hunter, said to have single-handedly killed more vampires than any other hunter on the planet. He died in November of 2006 at the hands of a vampire, but is still mentioned as one of the greatest hunters. He was known to take out entire vampire nests on his own, but little is known of him as he held to himself.
In his older days he retired to a little home, cut off from the rest of the world. It was then and only then, the vampires could catch him off guard and take their revenge on him.

Steve Wandell
Steve Wandell was a fine hunter in his younger days, but as the stress and traumatic experiences got the best of him, he quickly turned paranoid and cut himself off from the rest of the world. He started putting up security cameras around his house and took every precaution possible to protect himself from creatures he swore were constantly after him.
As more stress kept building up inside of him, he did the worst thing a hunter could do.
He told the truth about supernatural beings to those who had to knowledge of this. He was quickly declared insane and locked up in a mental institution until 2007 when he died of old age.
Stories about him is still told, warning young hunters not to loose their minds.

Robert Johnson
Robert Johson was a famous, african american blues artist and guitarist. He died only 28 years old.
When Robert was 17 he left home to try out for fame and fortune in the world of blues, but did not get far. This was until a year after, when he heard about an urban legend talking about crossroads demons. Young and naive, he made a deal with a female crossroads demon, asking for fame and fortune.
Almost over night Robert became a huge success and could not have been happier with his life.
Almost 10 years later, when it was time for his soul to be collected, Johnson played more and more songs about the supernatural, crossroads demons and hellhounds. His fans would all assume the lyrics of his songs were meant metaphorically, but most hunters know the truth about this blues artist, and his songs all have a special meaning to them.
Songs like "Hellhounds on My Trail" and "Crossroads" are still often played by hunters all over the world.

Alona Harvelle
Alona Harvelle was one of the first ever female hunters. She ignored her family's pleas and demands, and ran away so she could hunt like her father once used to - before he fell victim to an old demon. She went out on her own, hunting demons.
She exorcised many, and was greatly known for her skills with the iron knife. She even spoke fluent latin to make sure she could exorcise them on the spot, without help from any book.
Striving to get stronger, to be more like a man, she started drinking the blood of demons she had trapped. She hated nothing more than when people called her too weak for the job. Too weak to hunt.
Driven by anger and powerlust she started drinking more and more. The blood turned her more agressive, and the more she drank the more addicted she got to the taste, and the rush of drinking it.
Alona disappeared one day out of the blue, and no one has ever spotted her since, but it is said by many, as an urban legend, the blood took control over her, transforming her into a demon herself. Whether this is true or not, nobody knows.
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Famous Hunters
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