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 What Is and What Should Never Be

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PostSubject: What Is and What Should Never Be   Wed Jun 20, 2012 10:13 am

Eric walked the rectory searching for Odette, but he couldn't find her anywhere... So he headed outside the rectory, where 'demons' walked around. Looking around, Eric didn't see anybody, but he got cautious, and walked along the walls. He paid attention around, trying to spot his sister, but he got nothing.

He was heading back towards the rectory when he realized he was defenceless, only having the exorcism spell on the pocket of his pant... He walked through the rubbles, hiding so he couldn't be notice, and he took a piece of iron from the remains of the cathedral, and kept it safe into his boots... As he was walking back to the light, he stumbled at something. When he looks down he saw a fresh girl corpse, and as her expression showed she died in suffering. Eric closed his eyes and gulped. He has watched many war movies, but reality looked far beyond that, and he never imagined he could pass through a situation like this. He gently closed her eyes, and made a little prayer. He knew he wasn't the right person for it, but it was the least he could do for now.

OOC: Open to everyone, and if you're a demon, please don't kill him... XD
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What Is and What Should Never Be
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