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 A twisted soul, Trapped inside the cursed body.

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PostSubject: A twisted soul, Trapped inside the cursed body.    Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:12 am

Aurora had left the entrance. Feeling a sin on her lips. She longed to get back to the rectory. Even without Lia. It didn't matter. She didn't feel safe. She felt lost somehow. Almost running back to the rectory with pain in her chest. Pain on her lips. Sinful lips. Shaking her head softly as she kept running. And running. Which seemed like a very very long time..A very very very long time. As she finally reached the Rectory she clinged to the wall. Trying to catch her breath. How could she be so stupid?! To leave again?! Hadn't Thomas been clear to not run away? She shook her head. She slowly dropped to her knees. Her whole body shivering. She didn't know if it was either from the run or from all the thoughts that had crossed her mind. She needed a shower. A glass of water. Something to clear her body. Clear her soul from all the weird thoughts. Sinful thoughts that had crossed her mind. She needed a shower, A glass of water and a prayer. To clear her mind.

Aurora had done all the things she had told her self. The shower had made her feel clean again, And new. The drink made her lips tingle less. Sitting on the table she folded her hands before her. Closing her eyes. Softly whispering a prayer much more to herself it seemed than towards god. But he was there right...? He would help her. He would protect. Aurora stood up. Sighing as she bit her lower lip. Walking out of the kitchen. Towards the Hallway. Maybe she would cross somebody on her way there..
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A twisted soul, Trapped inside the cursed body.
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