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 Killing time before time kills you (death of Esmeralda)

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PostSubject: Killing time before time kills you (death of Esmeralda)   Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:49 am

Azazel was walking in the entrance wing alone. He looked to his left and right, seeing no one around. He moved to the nave, kicking small rocks from his way. He lifted his gaze up from the ground, only to see a woman praying in the sanctuary. He smirked when he recognised the woman. Esmeralda. The one that had been named after the church.
He sneaked behind her, thankfull that when praying people seemed to forget their surroundings. Well maybe they thought God would protect them while they did that. He almost wanted to laugh out loud when he thought about that.
"Praying for your immortal soul?" He asked in a smooth voice right behind her. The woman jumped suddenly, quickly getting on her feet and turning around to face him. He smirked at her reaction, quickly concentrating his powers to throw her against the wall.
He got a bit closer to her, maybe five steps away from her as he concentrated hard on keeping her pinned against the wall with his powers.
"Just a precaution dearie, I don't want salt or holy water on me again." He said smug as he got a bit closer to her again. The woman glared at him angrily, which only made him chuckle. He moved few steps towards her, if he extended his arm he would be able to touch her. But why would he want to.
"Don't look at me like that. I got to succeed hurting you some times now don't I?" The womans face grew darker as she spat into his face. He closed his eyes before the spit hit his face, the action breaking his consentration on her. He wiped the saliva off his face, just in time to see her swing some salt to his face. He yelled in anger as the damned stuff landed in his eyes again.
He heard her heavy breathing next to him as he tried to clear his eyes. He concentrated again, throwing her away from him. The woman was toxic to him.
He managed to clean his eyes so he could see fuzzy, but somewhat clear. It was funny. He had been salted so many times recently he had learned how to clear his eyesight pretty quickly.
He saw the woman crawl to her feet, it seemed she had landed baddly on the floor, she seemed to be carefull with her left leg.
He concentrated on her again, pinning her on the wall again. He glared at her, this was the last time she would do this to him.
He walked forward, grabbing her face with his hand so she wouldn't be spitting on him again. She was trying to struggle out of his hold, realising this wouldn't end well for her. He laughed.
"Don't worry, I will leave you be when you stop screaming." He said in a threathening voice, only this one he would carry out for sure. He extended his hand, pointing at her stomach with his index finger. He narrowed his eyes as he concentrated harder on keeping her pinned and slowly moving his finger accross her stomach line, leaving a trail of red that was seeping through her clothes, as he cut through her skin stomach by using his powers.
She started to scream, her high pitched screams filling the empty church. He grinned wider, sticking his hand into her now open stomach and started to pull her bowels out of her stomach. Her eyes were wide as she whimpered in pain and panic. He kept pulling on her intestines, they started to pool on the floor at their feet.
"I bet you didn't know you have about eight meters of these." She looked at him whimpering in fear, her eyes begging him to stop.
"It's true, seven meters of small intestine and one meter of large intestine." He then felt that he had ran out of bowles to pull out. He looked down and tugged on the bowl few times, hearing pained whimpers from the woman. He then looked up at her, his eyes were glowing dangerously, giving her a preview on what he would do. He then tugged on harder, ripping the intestine off. She screamed in pain, tears rimming her eyes as she was grasping that she would not come out of this alive.
He smirked, reaching his hand back into her body, this time he was up to his elbow in her, reaching up to her chest area. He smirked as his fingers wrapped themselves around her heart. Her heart beat was fast from the fear of what would happen next.
He leaned his face closer to her ear, whispering into her ear. "In normal circumstances I would be prolonging this, but your screams are going to call the cavalry to me before I would be able to finish." He paused for a few seconds before he spoke again.
"Plus I'm already bored with you." He said squeesing on her heart before ripping it out. She screamed one last time before her scream died down into death thores. She sank to the floor, lifeless. He looked at the heart, letting it drop to the ground next to her.
Turning around to leave, his right hand and arm covered in blood. Now he was bored again. He sighed and made his way to the nave again, kicking rubble from his path.
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Killing time before time kills you (death of Esmeralda)
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