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 A Not Pleasant Reunion

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PostSubject: Re: A Not Pleasant Reunion   Wed Jun 06, 2012 4:49 pm

OOC: Fair enough x3

Sinbad was on his way after Odette, when Eric suddenly grabbed him and pushed him up against the shelf. "I never asked her to give up her soul," Sinbad said angrily as he pushed Eric to get loose of his grib. "I intend to protect her as well," Sinbad shouted after Eric, before he quickly ran after Odette who was already out of sight.
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PostSubject: Re: A Not Pleasant Reunion   Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:50 am

Thomas had shifted to the far end of the couch when the town drunk, he knew as Sinbad walked in.
He never could understand how someone could throw money away on alcohol when they could be using it to help themselves and others.
He was also aware of the smell of alcohol on him and was quickly reminded of Miriam's drunk behavior.
Just as Thomas debated whether to ask Sinbad if he knew Eric, a pretty blonde woman came in.
The atmosphere seemed to change immediately.
That wasn't the only change either.
It was as if Eric had went through a mental transformation, regaining all his memories in the process.
Thomas sat in the corner and listened to Eric and Odette's conversation.
Had she really sold her soul to bring her brother back to life?
It never occurred to him to do that and he almost envied Odette's foolish love for her brother to go that far.
He watched as a hurt Odette left and then the exchange between Sinbad and Eric with slight curiosity.
One thing was pretty clear to him: Odette, Eric, and Sinbad, there was a deep history between the three of them...
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A Not Pleasant Reunion
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