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 Furniture List

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PostSubject: Furniture List   Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:42 am

This list will explain briefly the furniture in each section of the Cathedral. Obviously keep in mind that its a Cathedral and so there will be stain glass windows and stone floors/ walls in the main worship areas, but this gives you more detail of the specific items you will find when your character visits each area. Please refer to the map to keep an idea of how each room leads on to the other and so on ^^
If you don't know what any of the objects from the Cathedral are feel free to ask .. I'll also write a brief description at the bottom of the list.

The Cathedral
Entrance Wing: One large oak door, blocked by the rubble. This room also leads to a fragile spiral staircase leading to both the Crypt and Spire. Font in the centre of the wing, filled with holy water.
Right Wing: Smaller wooden door, also blocked. A Confession booth. The gravesite of the Cathedral's Saint against one wall, marked with a stone memorial and statue.
Left Wing: Smaller wooden door, blocked. Toilets x 2 with washbasins. A Confession booth.
Nave: Ceiling collapsed making the centre of the Nave difficult to cross, mostly a pile of rubble, wood and broken glass. Some remaining pews and 2 Lecterns either side of the Altar marking the start of the Sanctuary.
Sanctuary: Large stain glass window on the far wall, altar in the centre with a cross still placed on it. Behind the altar there is an organ and seats for the choir/ members of the clergy to sit.
Spire: The spiral staircase leads to the Church Bells. Wooden floorboards now dangerous, with some areas broken through. Only accessible from Frollo's Rectory or the Entrance Wing.
Crypt: Various coffins/ gravestones, giving the room a tomb-like feel. Dark and poorly lit, only accessible from the Entrance Wing.

Frollo's Rectory
Sitting Room: 2 sofas, a tv (not longer working due to the cut power), a phone (also disconnected), a bookshelf full of books, and a small wooden table.
Kitchen: Table, 4 x Chairs, Oven Fridge and Freezer (without electricity so do not work), various cabinets with food supplies in.
Sprial stairs leading to the Spire.
Cinderella's Room: 1 single bed, wooden bedside table (Bible), 1 wooden wardrobe
Frollo's Room: 1 double bed, wooden bedside table (Bible), 1 wooden wardrobe with hidden hunting supplies (see list)
Bathroom: Bath with showerhead, sink, toilet, mirror


Font: Round stone bath of sorts where babies are christened. Filled with holy water.
Lectern: This is a stand where sermons are often read from. Often raised above the congregation and so a few steps spiral around to reach it. Now can be used to view a large amount of the Cathedral from afar.
Altar: A table where communion takes place/ priests stand/ marriages occur etc.
Confession booth: Sealed booth in which a member of the congregation can confess their sins to a priest anonymously. Each side of the booth is blocked from the view of the other.
Pews: Seats the congregation sit on.



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Furniture List
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