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 Walking the dog // Sinbad's past

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PostSubject: Walking the dog // Sinbad's past   Tue May 29, 2012 1:28 pm

Sinbad stood in the living room and carefully looked out of the window. In his left hand he had a leash which had their dog, Scamp, in the other end. The dog kept nudging Sinbad’s leg impatiently. To keep the dog from barking again, Sinbad kept a firm hand on its head, petting it while his attention was on the events outside.

“Why are you wearing the shirt from your confirmation?” Sinbad turned his head when he heard his sister’s voice behind him, but quickly turned it back to look out of the window. “That’s none of your business,” he said annoyed. “Mum says you can’t wear that, except for on special occasions,” the girl said as she walked over to the dog and petted him. “So?” From his voice it was clear that Sinbad didn’t pay attention to the girl and that annoyed her. “Mum,” she shouted in a loud, strident voice which immediately made Sinbad turn around and hiss at her. “Sinbad is wearing his confirmation shi-mghp,” she continued before she was stopped by Sinbad’s hand on her mouth. “I told you to shut up,” he said in a low yet angry tone. He certainly didn’t want their parents to get involved in this, but he knew it was too late when he heard their mother’s footsteps from upstairs.

Sinbad looked at the staircase, waiting for their mother to appear. He let go of his sister who soon after ran up the staircase to meet their mother on the way down. “What’s all the fuss down here?” Sinbad’s sister happily told their mother about what had been going. “Sinbad,” their mother said in a tired, resigned tone. “You have to treat your sister properly. And you know I don’t want you to go out and ruin that shirt of yours like you do with your ordinary clothes.”

Sinbad sighed. “I’m just taking Scamp for a walk,” he said as to try and explain himself. His mother looked at the clock in the living room while walking towards Sinbad. “Didn’t you say you would do that over an hour ago? What have you been doing all this time? Come; let’s get this shirt off of you.” Sinbad took a few steps back to avoid his mother. “Come on, I’m 15, I don’t need your help to get dressed,” he sighed annoyed.

Sinbad turned his head slightly to look out the window again. “I don’t have time for this,” he said frustrated before he took a firm grip around the leash and took the dog with him out of the house. He stopped up right outside the front door. He had to wait for them to pass by. It couldn’t be long now; the preaching at the church would start soon. Scamp started complaining again, but Sinbad kept it in a short leash until he was ready to go. Soon enough, as Sinbad had thought, Odette and her family could be seen walking down the road. Sinbad slowly started walking towards the garden gate, timing it so he would reach the gate when they walked by. Sinbad politely greeted Odette and her parents. Sinbad was relieved to see that Odette’s older brother wasn’t with them. Whenever he was there he made it almost impossible for Sinbad to speak with Odette, he would always interfere somehow. “Are you on your way to church?” Sinbad asked as though he didn’t already know. Odette nodded before she bent down and petted the dog. “I’m taking Scamp out for a walk. Do you mind if I tag along until you reach the church?” he asked, hoping he hadn’t been waiting for nothing. “Sure,” Odette said with a smile. She stood up again and they all started walking to the church. Sinbad made sure to talk as much as possible with Odette now that he had the opportunity.

They stopped up when they reached the church. “You should join us one day,” Odette said and smiled at Sinbad. “Yeah, maybe next time... when I don’t have Scamp with me,” he said and smiled back. “Mhm. Dogs aren’t allowed in there,” Odette said and petted the dog again. “It was good to see you again, Scamp.” Odette’s parents seemed to be getting impatient and asked their daughter to hurry. “Oh... and you too, Sinbad,” Odette added with a smile before she followed her parents to the church entrance.

“Sinbad, what are you doing here?” Sinbad turned around when he heard Proteus say his name. “Oh, hey Proteus. Just walked the dog.” Proteus caught a glimpse of Odette and her parents before they entered the church, which lead him to smirk at Sinbad. “Just walking the dog, eh? And did you just accidently run into Odette on the way here?” he laughed and punched Sinbad playfully. “Shut up,” Sinbad said and punched Proteus back a little harder than intended. “Woah, easy now. You know you can’t keep such things from me. But I better get going.” Sinbad relaxed a bit and looked at Proteus. “Okay. But you are coming over after church, right?” Sinbad asked. Proteus had already started walking towards the church. He turned around and waved at Sinbad. “Of course. See you later.”

Sinbad looked at Scamp and petted him. “Let’s go,” he said before he and the dog continued their walk.
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Walking the dog // Sinbad's past
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