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 oh dear heaven my inactivity.... *cries*

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PostSubject: oh dear heaven my inactivity.... *cries*   Sun May 27, 2012 2:11 am

im sorry for being so inactive recently so here's the list why I am and shall be a little inactive -.-' not to mention why I was in the past

- Finals
- Packing to move
- Moving back home
- Looking for Employment

- Sickness
- Full-Time Job 12-7 most days
- Job causing need for sleep -.-' (its labor intensive and sometimes by the end of it im dead tired)

It's not that I will never be able to play it's just that I wont be on like I used to be which was everyday, im going to try to make it twice a week at minimum.
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PostSubject: Re: oh dear heaven my inactivity.... *cries*   Wed May 30, 2012 11:03 am

ok since Kaiani and my situation are similar, i guess ill officially let you gals know too.
my internet is shit and i dont think its going to get better.
not to mention my job is becoming more time consuming now.
sorry ladies but at the most, ill be able to get on for only short periods of time and with the time zone differences, im not sure who will even be on (not to mention mibbit despises me Dx)

p.s. - i will be on all day tomorrow (may 30) so... yey? Very Happy
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oh dear heaven my inactivity.... *cries*
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