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 Dripping Red {Miriam}

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PostSubject: Dripping Red {Miriam}   Tue May 15, 2012 9:06 pm

Miriam stepped inside of the bathroom and quickly locked the door behind her. Only then, when she was sure she was alone did she allow the tears to stream down her face. She didn’t know why she felt as she did, she just knew the kiss she had shared with Rin had gotten to her far more than it should have, and now she wanted the moment back when he had pulled her closer. She knew she had done what was right by pulling away, but that did not make her feel any better about the situation.
She pulled off her bloodied clothes and Proteus’ jacket and laid them all in the sink, turning the water on to soak them. Hopefully, as the blood had not stayed on for long, it had not yet soaked into the fabric, and she might be able to get most of it off again.
She forced herself to dry her tears before she stepped into the shower and turned on the running water, looking down her body to see the red blood drain down herself and disappear down the drain, some of it her own, but most of it from the cup Rin had thrown at her.
In a sudden fit of anger and despair she wanted nothing more than to hit something or someone, but unable to do anything else she let her anger out over a defenceless shampoo bottle as she squeezed the life out of it.
She no longer knew if she was crying or not, the stream from the shower immediately removing any tears that had possibly managed to escape her eyes. No longer did she care, as long as she only cried to herself. Never would she let him see her cry she decided, the bastard wasn’t worth it. Playing with her feelings had been a whole new low for him.

Getting out of the shower she quickly dried herself and hang her clothes up for drying, though she didn’t leave them long. She had no intentions of sitting here waiting for them to dry, so though soaking wet, she still put her clothes back on and walked for the door. The cold, familiar shutter of wet clothes on her body returned to her, and she could comfort herself only with the knowing that most of the blood had left her clothes. There was none left on Proteus’ jacket, and only a few stains on the top borrowed from Cinderella. However it was a small comfort as she still felt as dirty as she had before stepping in the shower. She doubted anything could ever make her feel clean again.
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Dripping Red {Miriam}
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