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 Silent Screams and Red Moon Beams {Lillith}

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PostSubject: Silent Screams and Red Moon Beams {Lillith}   Tue May 15, 2012 6:23 am

The damp and musky air of the tomb was now heady, acrid with the wretched aroma of blood and decay, rot of warm human flesh and the encroaching scent of death lingering like a serpent in the shadows.

Lillith had had her fun and now the game must come to a glorious, bloody, end.

Jane's breathing was laboured, rasping, Lillith panted in the shadows, twirling the blade through her crimson finger-tips as she circled her pray. Blood pooled round her bare feet, soaked into her skirts, stained her skin and, as she licked her lips in anticipation of her next move, filled her mouth with the sour taste of iron and her body with a fire that only the brutal death of this human could extinguish.

"My sweet Jane" she purred "We've had our fun have we not?"

Jane gurgled "Ah, how silly of my, is it hard to talk without your tongue" crouching beside her talking her face firm in her clawed hand she watching as ruby red liquid trickled from the side of her mouth. Lillith stole a fierce, angry taste, hungry for the taste of blood and nothing more, at least nothing a human could give her, no, she would have a different being sate her sexual appetite later.

"You have been most entertaining Jane, I can see why the weaker of my kind are so infatuated with your breed but, I won't have it any longer" she drove the knife into Jane's upper thigh, watched with delight as her body arched and convulsed in pain, the muffled screams consumed by the unholy din of the tomb.

Lillith pressed Jane into the cold damp stone floor, straddling her waist, she set the knife to one side and began to idly undress her. Jane tried to resist but she no longer had the strength. She knew this was the end of her. And what a miserable end it was.

Once Lillith had exposed the bare, marginally untouched flesh of Jane's, rather exquisite, female form, she reached for the knife again and trailed the tip of the blade softly from her navel to her collar bone, licking away the trickles of blood as they bubbled to the surface.

She felt Jane squirm under her, as she leant over, bringing her lips to her ear and whispering "This is nothing personal" she said softly "You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time" she paused and brought her face to meet Jane's, her nose brushing against Jane's "you are very beautiful Jane, it's a pity to see such beauty go to such a waster but I promise you are serving a purpose, much grander than any Godly Quest or Holy Mission, you shall bring my brothers and sisters back to me, back to my creator, my beloved and for that you shall be given the greatest rewards that Lucifer has to over I promise you." she kissed her softly on the forehead "Thank-you Jane" she cooed, plunging the knife through her breast-plate into her still beating heart.

Jane's eyes shot wide as the light in them faded, a final muted scream ebbed from her lips before her death rasp filled the silence. Alone now in the dark Lillith got to work at last, peeling flesh and tissue away to reveal bone. Pouring blood into containers so her name could be written on ever wall, pulling limbs from sockets so that the humans would be finding Jane amongst the ruins of the Cathedral for days to come.

No malice or ferocity was spared as Lillith assured that Jane, in all concept of the human form was destroyed.

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Silent Screams and Red Moon Beams {Lillith}
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