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 In the dark of the Night. {Lillith}

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PostSubject: In the dark of the Night. {Lillith}   Sun May 06, 2012 8:26 am

-Thought this may be the best place for this, for now. enjoy. -

EDIT: This is set following the rather long exchanges that occurred in the Crypt between Lillith and several others, mainly Rin and Cali with regards to her demon brethren having human 'pets'

She had dwelled in the depths too long. Sulking in the shadows, clawing at the stone in anger, trying to rip the floor up, trying to open Hell itself inside the walls of the Cathedral but to no avail. If she was going to beat her enemy she would, as much as the thought made her skin crawl, have to join them.

Her talk with Rin and Cali had confirmed that she needed to take some sort of decisive action, the plan had began to take shape but now, now it was solid and about t come to fruition. She had left the Crypt earlier that day, with a bloodied promise on her lips and now, as she waited she would see that promise fulfilled.

The humans only knew her name, few of them would know her face surely. She had hidden herself away so long, out of sight, out of mind and all that that, maybe they would have forgotten her, recall her only as a vague reference, as the catalyst to this wonderfully unholy mess they were all in.

It was quite. Night had set in. The best time to hunt. The humans were sleeping in shifts in far flung parts of the Cathedral. She had watched a few of them from the shadows as the day wore on. Fleeting glimpses as they made scurried passes from one spot to another. Now was the time to strike. She had seen her target and now, she was going in for the kill.

She had fabricated a story, made herself look the part too, and she was such a skilful liar, a wonderful storyteller how could any weak minded human doubt her. She weighted her breathing, made herself breathless, made herself more dishevelled as she pounded bare foot on stone across the empty space, stumbling over the debris as her target came into sight.

"Help!" she rasped, coughing, spluttering, crumbling to her knees and weeping "please, won't somebody help me" she moaned, face clutched in her hands, body shaking with the mock mix of fear and helplessness she had conjured up.

The young woman, wary at first and, no doubt with reason - after all Lillith hadn't put it past her inferior demons to scare these humans senseless still - approached her. Her voice unsteady, riddled with fear. Lillith could smell it on her, it was acrid, almost choking "Hello...a-are you hurt?"

snivelling human.

Lillith whipped her head towards the young woman, faling over herself as she did, all part of the pretense, and shuffling backwards away from her on her back, clawing at the stone, one hand out stretched in a feeble attempt to ward the other away "P-please please don't hurt me" she whimpered.

A realisation caught in the woman's stare and she rushed to her side "It's OK, you're safe"

I know I am but, you aren't Lillith thought

"What happened to you" she whispered, obviously aware demon's, Lillith's kin, could be near. The other woman, now holding Lillith was trying to calm her "talk to me, tell me what happened?" authority took a weak hold of her tone

"I-I was below when" Lillith shook her head "Oh god" she cried, the word was like poison on her tongue, it hurt to say it "It was horrible o-one minute we were, I-I was just waiting on him and then...then they appeared" Lillith gasped for breath between the crocodile tears "the walls feel down around us, w-we...we were trapped, t-they found us...t-they..."

Lillith curled into herself, felt herself being craddled into the warm bosom of this gullible human "It's OK you're safe now I can..."

"No" Lillith whimpered "I'm not safe...t-they'll know...they'll come after me...I...I have to go back...I-I can't leave him there"


"M-my son" she looked up at the other woman, her eyes big and doe-like and rimmed with tears. Horror caught on her victims face and Lillith continued "I have to go back, p-please I-I can't leave him there, t-they'll kill him..." she fell silent for the appropriate amount of time then, cunningly, whispered "he's all I have left..."

There was silence. Lillith could here her 'pet' for a lack of a better word breathing, obviously thinking before making any decisions.

"I'm Jane" she offered warmly as she got to her feet, and offered her hand to Lillth. Lillith looked up, offering her a warm smile, as best as she could muster "Meg" she sighed, clambering to her feet.

"Where were you when they attacked?"

"Down below, in the Crypt" she raked her fingers through her loosened curls "I-I'd brought him to see his father" yes, she was guilty of being over dramatic but, she knew the more you pulled on a humans emotions, on their heart strings the more likely they were to believe you "we never stood a chance" she whimpered, once more on the verge of false tears.

"We'll get him back, I promise, I'll help you just let me go..."

"NO!" too abrupt "No" she sighed heavily "no we can't wait, they, t-the demons they were gone, asleep, away, I-I don't know but they weren't in the Crypt, they had left us alone to lick ours wounds but we have to go now, if we're quick...I can't lose my son"

The mock panic in her voice had obviously jarred with Jane's better instincts as she agreed "OK"

Smiling "Follow me"

Lillith led the way, through the debris, offering little conversation as they tip-toed and stumbled and double-checked over their shoulders and started into the shadows to see if something moved, stared back, followed them. It wasn't until they reached the long winding, spiral staircase and began their descent into the Crypt that Lillith spoke

"Where were you when they attacked?"

What followed was a complete recall of everything Jane had done right up to the moment the ceiling collapsed and trapped them all. She smiled in the dark learning that Samael had possessed her fiancee. "I'm sorry to here that" she paused "I know the pain of losing someone you love"

To an extent she did. The only man she had ever truly loved, the only man she would ever love, and he wasn't much of a man these days, was trapped in Cocytus, chained in the icy empty depths of Hell and he would never be free unless she succeeded. Other than Lucifer her heart went to no man, body yes, she was a demon sexual gratification with anyone or anything was permissible, she doubted she was able to love anyone other than Lucifer but, if she ever found herself that way inclined, that weak to fall for another she was assured it would not be a man.

The entered the empty hallows of the Crypt, deathly silent. Lillth reached out into the dark and took Jane by the hand "I-I think i-it's this way" she stuttered, stumbled, stopped. She felt Jane bump into her. Squeeze her hand, whisper to her in the dark that everything was alright.

They crept on. Like spectres, snaking there way through the ruins "This way" Lillith whispered. She led Jane through the Crypt down into a sectioned off tomb off some poor bastard who had clearly been wealthy in life but, given the disrepair of the tomb, that wealth was merely monetary, here tey lay a pauper in death.

It was vast, a few alcoves, deep enough to conceal a person and a heavy wooden door, it's iron embellishments long since removed or rusted to nothing. Here Lillith had been hiding, lingering. Her own personal, damp, cold little hovel. When she rested, hich was rare, she tricked herself into thinking she was in his presence. How she longed for him.

"I can't see a thing" Jane muttered

"Quick, h-he was over there...I-I think we were being followed...p-please Jane"

She heard Jane scurry around the tomb too the furthest alcove. Lillith smiled in the dark as she closed the heavy wooden door behind her. Heaving a heavy sigh.

"Meg...Meg there's no one here" Jane whimpered, panicked. Pausing as she heard the soft thud of the door they had come through. She stood in the dark, turned to where she had left 'Meg'.

A sudden horrible realisation pulled her heart to her stomach as she saw nothing but haunting white orbs staring her down in the darks. Fear was to choking to let her scream. She had fallen ill to a demon's trick and, not just any demon's trick but the demon's trick.

"Lillith" she stammered with what defiance she could muster

"AH" Lillith cooed" as she lit a torch "the pretty little human knows my true name then" she laughed "you are like vermin, too many in number but incredibly stupid"

"We are smarter than you think and we'll..."

"You'll what...stop us?" she retorted "With what exactly? You have nothing within these walls that can kill a demon, let alone me! wound us maybe but in the end you are defenceless"

She brought a heavy hand across Jane's, knocking her from her feet before she crouched over her and took her by the hair "I have hidden away for too long, I need to make a statement, a grand gesture of my return, make my presence known, make an example of those fools among my kind that have 'pets' and warn your kind that this is a war they have already lost"

In the morning someone would realise that Jane never returned from her watch. Panic would set in surely.

A demon may smell the flesh of a human coming from Lillith's hovel. Things would click. Rumours would spread and people would talk of dark things. Nothing they could imagine or speak of would match what she would do.

This was going to be long, slow, drawn out in order to make the most impact. Jane would suffer greatly for the faults of others, unfair maybe but, necessary. The first sacrifice she would make to restore her authority, to defend her pride and name but, not the last.
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In the dark of the Night. {Lillith}
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