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 Rubble Blockings

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PostSubject: Rubble Blockings   Thu Apr 12, 2012 7:30 am

Parts of the floor in the spire has now collapsed, leaving more rubble on the floor in the first floor, blocking off several parts! Here are the parts that are now (for the time being) blocked! These rubbles are not too heavy to remove, but it will take time to clear the exits!
20th of April the rubble will be cleared, and everything goes back to normal! Here are the places that have been cut off:

1. The spire. Most of the floor is still intact, and it is still possible to stay in the spire. However, until April 20th, the rubble will be blocking off the stairs up to the spire!

2. The crypt. The rubble is blocking the stairs to the spire. As this is also, inconviniently the stairs to the crypt, rubbles have fallen down blocking the way to the crypt!

3. Left wing. This also includes the bathroom.

This means anyone staying in these places will have to stay there until the 20th of April! Anyone trying to enter these areas until then will not be able to.
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Rubble Blockings
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