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 Alastair's Weapons

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PostSubject: Alastair's Weapons    Sun Apr 08, 2012 4:42 am

In the Crypt there are various weapons. Here is a lsit of what you would find in there. I shall add/ remove weapons as they are created or destroyed/ lost ^^
All of these are handcrafted from the materials found in the Cathedral. Therefore the metal will be jagged/ rough and not like the weapons in the pictures if you google them. They are also all made of iron, if metal, so they can also harm demons as well as humans.

3 x Medium length
3 x Small pocket-sized blades
2 x Long length

2 x Sword (1 in human posession)
1 x Axe
2 x Kama ( for more information)
1 x Mace
1 x Hammer-styled weapon (
Various sharp metal pieces crafted into spikes
1 x Kusarigama (
1 x Meteor Hammer (

To make more weapons Alastair also has a hammer, to ensure he can craft the metal into shape. This is made of metal, but not iron, since he didn't want to waste the iron avaliable on mere tools ^^ Prior to the hammer, he crafted these weapons with rock/ other blunt pieces of metal. Therefore the more recent weapons are most precisely made.
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Alastair's Weapons
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