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 Demon Anatomy

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PostSubject: Demon Anatomy   Thu Feb 23, 2012 8:23 am

Demon without a body
A demon that has not yet possessed a body will only be a dark soul, easily spotted by anyone as this soul gives off an aura looking like a black fog. During possession this demon soul will force itself down the throat of a human, giving the human a sensation similar to that of being choked. Possession only takes a couple of seconds.
Once a human is possessed, the human mind stays concious in the body. The human the body belongs to will be able to feel and see everything the demon does. However, the demon possessing the body will not be able to sense the presence of the human mind. To the demon, the body will seem like an empty shell.
Demons have the power to block out the human mind, having the human go unconcious for as long as they wish. However, this is rarely done as demons do not care about humans, and the human is most likely to die from damages once the demon leaves their body.

Demon eyes
Demon eyes can be either black, yellow, red or white. Black is by far the most common eye color for a demon, and other colors are rarely seen. These other colors have far more power than the average black color. Other than black, red is the most common. Red eyes symbolize crossroads demons. Crossroads demons are famous for their deals. For more information about crossroads demons, see other demon lore topics. Just about nothing is known about yellow eyed demons, and for the great majority, these demons are only a myth, not real. Nothing is known about what the strange eyecolor says about the demon, but these demons are usually very high in rank, coming a close second to white eyed demons.
Demons have the power to hide their true eyecolor, using the eyes of the human body. This will make it impossible for humans to know whether the body is possessed or not. However, demons usually do not tend to hide their true eyes.

Demon blood
Though few have tried, there are myths about how drinking a demon's blood will make a human body physically stronger. Humans with a deep desire for power have some times tried, however, this is greatly dangerous as a demon will not simply give you his blood without a fight. The blood of a demon must be drained whilst the body is still being possessed.
Though there has been no recordings, a couple of myths claims that by drinking a demon's blood for longer periods of time will gradually turn the human into a demon as well. This is a great risk when choosing to drink demon blood.
The blood can also be addicting, and once you drink demon blood once, you will want to drink again.

Demon healing
A body possessed by a demon will heal from damages faster than a normal body. A stab wound might take up to three days to be fully healed. Any damage dealt to the body will not be felt by the demon, but will be felt by the human all the same.
After the demon has left the body, all the damage to the body during possession will be dealt, and if the wounds are fatal, the human will die after the demon is exorcised. Not much can physically hurt a demon. Salt, iron and holy water are the only known things that can hurt a demon. Read more about this in hunting lore topics!
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Demon Anatomy
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